Welcome to Everfriends!

Everfriends is a voice-driven assistant app for Android that features interactive 3D characters and lets you perform a wide range of tasks by simply chatting with a character.
It makes the users feel as if they have their own personal assistant able to do everything, tell jokes and play games together, help planning vacations and booking hotels.

Key features:

  • AI, allowing users to discuss various topics and engage in full conversations with the characters
  • Integration with SPB-TV app, which brings online TV directly to the Everfriends app
  • Standard productivity functions, such as making calls, sending SMS, event notifications, alarm clock, notes, Google Maps and news
  • And many more entertaining features, including radio, games, jokes, horoscopes, and Facebook and Twitter newsfeeds
English, Russian and now Spanish localizations!





Wed Aug 30, 2012
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  • “The app is pretty customized and addressed to you; it asks for your name and it talks to you in a more personal way, making it easy to use and more fun than other robotic assistants“
  • “Everfriends – Voice Assistant is highly personalisable and has features galore”
  • “This is an entertaining app, and a really cool idea. There are some great virtual assistant features in here, and I look forward to updates for even more.“
    Happy User